We emphasize on keeping the customer focus on their core business rather than ‘the ever changing’ technology. Our SaaS Services and Solutions are designed to exceed the expectations of customers and reduce their ‘Cost of Ownership’

Managed IT Services
Staffing and Consulting

We emphasize on keeping the customer focus on their core business rather than ‘the ever changing’ technology. For a Business to strive and succeed in meeting it’s planned objectives and growth, supporting IT is not just enough but critical thinking and strategically led IT services are paramount importance, therefore, our Managed IT Services are designed to meet the expectations of our clients in UK, EU and USA, with much reduced costs and overheads and at the same time they are assured of a dedicated team of specialists to work on their behalf on the following services.

– Project Management
– Application Development
– SAP HCM Consulting
– Cloud Migration
– Software Quality Assurance (Software Testing)
– Support Services and Maintenance
– Clinical SaS Programming and Clinical Data Management
– Digital Capability

We provide staff solutions to the Clients at affordable rates and our specialist and qualified staff can bring the vast experience and domain expertise to streamline and enhance your business processes and solutions. We also act as a gateway to independent and freelance consultants with our umbrella services.
CITEC LONDON and It’s strategic partners network has more than two decades of experience in providing staffing solutions to our clients and providing cutting-edge staffing services to large and small to medium size enterprises within Public and Private Sectors in UK, USA, UAE and India.

We add value to our clients’ staffing requirements and our bespoke engagement models tailored to client’s business needs and our Master Services Agreement clearly set out the term of engagement with specifications, procedures, hours tracking, billing details, indemnifications and other essential items and clauses to ensure our overall engagement experience is open and transparent and end to end successful execution.
Salient Features of our Staffing and Consulting:

– Dedicated Customer Relationship and Account Manager
– CV/Profile Match and Response Leadtime is 1 business working day
– Applicant Engagement time as per the Client’s requirements
– Internal Database access to talent pool

Our Staffing Models:

We manage hiring, employment and payroll while our contractor is busy at your location. We provide swift access to qualified and experienced talent and an expert approach to matching the right candidate for the right position in driving better business results. Our stringent and effective screening process ensures you get the right candidate with the required skills and work competencies. We ensure our recruitment team will identify the right fit and aligns with your organisation’s culture, shared objectives and goals.

Contract Staffing:
Permanent Placement:

When you need to quickly ramp up projects, our contract staffing services will help you meet your project goals without adding or exposing your organisation with long-term liabilities and overheads. Should you wish to covert our contract hires to permanent in future, we will be flexible to discuss these options too.

It’s tedious task when an organisation seeks to expand or replace the existing resources as part of their new project or restructuring exercise, this is where CITEC LONDON can come in handy for its clients in terms of identifying the skilled resource to meet their specific requirements. Our recruitment team and account manager will take full responsibility to ensure the whole process from identifying a resource to adhering to the best practices within the recruitment, selection and pre-on-boarding activities.

Fixed Term/Fixed Pay Service based on Statement of Work

We emphasize on keeping the customer focus on their core business and advise the clients to look at our Fixed Term/Fixed Pay Service via Statement of Work agreement, this is not only cost-effective but much more efficient in terms of meeting it’s tasks and deadlines in line with the given project scope. This flexible and cost-effective model gives an opportunity for the client to have these resources either at their workplace or completely run from our offices in London under their technical team guidance and supervision.

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